CREST (Centre for Remedial Education and Support Therapy) is a remedial centre that provides learning support to children from Grade R to Grade 7 who require full time remedial education. CREST provides a friendly and caring environment that caters for learners who are experiencing barriers to learning.
Class sizes are small, the average number being six, which ensures that every child receives individual attention and follow-up during the learning process. CREST uses the mainstream curriculum which is adjusted to suit the needs of the learners.


About us

The premise “Success breeds success” is an important part of learning. CREST ensures that all learning is enjoyable and positive; thereby developing self-confidence and independence in the learners and forging the foundations for lifelong learning and behaviour.
At CREST, we take small steps to ensure success. In addition, re mediation is ongoing, filling in the gaps that may have occurred in previous learning experiences.

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What We Do

In addition to music, art and crafts, and drama extra support therapies are included in the learning programme; all of which optimize the development of each child. All age groups begin their day with a Basic Human Movement Programme; a gross- motor programme that provides graded sensory-motor experiences, especially cross-hemisphere exercises.

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 The Staff

The teachers at CREST have been carefully selected from a pool of teachers who are specifically trained and experienced in learning support and mediated learning.
Since children at CREST experience diverse barriers to learning, the teacher, as mediator, understands and embraces the individual learning differences of each child by implementing a flexible curriculum.

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