The premise “Success breeds success” is an important part of learning. CREST ensures that all learning is enjoyable and positive; thereby developing self-confidence and independence in the learners and forging the foundations for lifelong learning and behaviour. At CREST, we take small steps to ensure success. In addition, re mediation is ongoing, filling in the gaps that may have occurred in previous learning experiences.

CREST has developed the Learning Programme to take cognizance of the different learning styles of learners and a multi-sensory approach to learning is used. Progress is carefully monitored; and regular performance feedback and encouragement are given to every child to promote independent learning. Moreover, the learning programme provides opportunities to develop the use of effective thinking skills.

In additional to a modified curriculum, a critical goal to the success of learners at CREST is to teach them how to think and learn. Learners who understand how they learn are able to develop personal strategies that help them cope with every new learning situation throughout their school and life. To this end the Cognitive Enrichment Advantage (CEA) has been included into the learning programme. The goal of this programme is to encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills, in order to become effective, independent, interdependent and lifelong learners who are able to adapt to the ongoing changes in the world.