What We Do

Children who experience barriers to learning, often struggle with anxiety and stress associated with learning difficulties. Mindfulness and the ability to use visualisation / meditation as a relaxation tool, have enormous benefits in coping with stress, anxiety and insomnia in children. Practising Mindfulness helps the children put some space between themselves and their conditioned responses to anxiety and stress.  Sandplay assists in the improvement of classroom performance through imaginative therapeutic play. Play is a necessity for creative thinking, problem solving and for management of complex tasks. Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.) focuses on the ability to receive, process and respond to sensory information in a constantly changing environment. The children attend regular N.O.T. sessions which provide valuable feedback on the child’s wellbeing, and suitable corrected strategies are recommended to the child and teacher. CREST provides regular opportunities for sensory integration as the integration of sensory information from the body and the environment contribute to emotional regulation, learning and behaviour of all children. A sensory stream, sensory room and play equipment are available to build this awareness in the children. Calirobics is a handwriting programme set to music which improves fine-motor skills. Outings and educational activities are incorporated into the learning programme. These provide hands on real life experiences and change from year to year.