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The Staff


The teachers at CREST have been carefully selected from those teachers who are specifically trained and experienced in learning support and mediated learning. Since children at CREST experience diverse barriers to learning, the teacher, as mediator, understands and embraces the individual learning differences of each child by implementing a flexible curriculum. In addition, by adopting a strategy of ‘mediator’ in the learning situation, teachers are able to maximize the learning potential of each learner. Teachers provide ’scaffolded’ learning, which is a form of assistance to help the learner successfully perform tasks that would normally not be possible when working independently.This approach engages the learners actively at their current level of understanding until the point where the support is no longer required. Ultimately, the students become organised, confident and independent learners.


Learning difficulties include, but are not limited to, ADHD and ADD, dyslexia, general learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Meet our founder
Mrs Carrie Mercado