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About Us

The premise “Success breeds success” is an important part of learning. CREST ensures that all learning is interactive, enjoyable and positive; thereby developing self-confidence and independence in learners and instilling the necessary foundations for lifelong learning and behaviour. At CREST, we take small steps to ensure success. Remediation is ongoing, filling in the gaps that may have occurred in previous learning experiences and building towards a more complete understanding of the subject.


In addition to using an enriched curriculum, CREST takes cognisance of the fact that different learning styles are favoured by individual learners and so a multi-sensory approach to learning is used. Progress is carefully monitored; and regular performance feedback and encouragement is given to every child- to promote independent learning and effective thinking skills.


A critical goal to the success of learners at CREST is to teach them how they  learn, whilst supporting them in a caring environment . Scholars who understand how they  think are able to develop personal strategies that help them to cope with every new learning situation  presented to them. As such, the “cognitive enrichment” programme has been integrated into our learning curriculum.


The goal of the Cognitive Enrichment Advantage programme is to encourage students to become effective, independent and lifelong learners who are capable of thriving in  an academic setting and adapting to the ongoing challenges of the world.

About Us
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Our Mission
Our Mission 

CREST believes that every child has the fundamental right to an education that suits their abilities and potential. Such an education must be adapted and individualised to be accessible to all learners, and to cater for their specific learning and developmental needs.

Accordingly, small classes, personalised learning programmes, and a flexible curriculum with assessment initiatives are used to assist each learner  discover and strive towards their full potential.

Our aim is to enable learners to reduce or remove barriers to learning. Emotional growth and academic development go hand in hand. 

Our Vision
Our Vision 
CREST Mission Statement

The name CREST is an acronym for “Centre for Remedial Education and Support Therapy”.

CREST was started in 2012 in response to the very real need for additional, full-time speciality learning support in Johannesburg.

CREST began as a small project consisting of five children with significant learning difficulties and has since grown and thus moved to a new facility.


CREST now has two campuses; a Primary Learning Centre that offers classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7; and an Academy that caters for the Senior and FET phases.

Meet our Founder

The teachers at CREST have been carefully selected from those teachers who are specifically trained and experienced in learning support and mediated learning. Since children at CREST experience diverse barriers to learning, the teacher, as mediator, understands and embraces the individual learning differences of each child by implementing a flexible curriculum. In addition, by adopting a strategy of ‘mediator’ in the learning situation, teachers are able to maximize the learning potential of each learner. Teachers provide ’scaffolded’ learning, which is a form of assistance to help the learner successfully perform tasks that would normally not be possible when working independently. This approach actively engages the learners  at their current level of understanding until the point where support is no longer required. Ultimately, the students become organised, confident and independent learners.

Our multi-disciplinary team regularly meets to discuss and assess your child to ensure that the best individual learning program is adhered to, thus ensuring your child's success.


Learning difficulties include, but are not limited to, ADHD and ADD, Dyslexia, and general learning disabilities and as well as children with High Functioning Autism.


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