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School Kids Meditating

Our facilities

Outdoor Biology Class

CREST sometimes utilises small  routine changes (such as having lessons outside) to help children adapt to environmental changes.  

CREST caters for children with barriers to learning, and thus have difficulties coping in mainstream learning facilities. We accommodate all learners who have been identified as having potential to learn and progress, but have difficulty doing so in a less supervised environment.

Our area of expertise includes (but is not limited to): High Functioning Autism (ASD), ADHD, Dyslexia and other late developmental disorders.

The ratio of children to teachers is kept low- to ensure that each child has a supervised learning experience. This allows them to be happier, more productive and progress at a faster academic rate than if they were left to their own devices. Another advantage of smaller class sizes, is that the children feel less overwhelmed by their peers.

We also know how important it is to be safety conscious -especially around motor vehicles, which is why we have a gated drop off area to allow for prompt and safe school access.

Our School is wheelchair friendly, and our parking area helps make entry and exit of the premises easily accessible to all students.

Once on the school grounds, children have access to supervised play areas that are specifically designed to enhance motor skills, improve social skills and reduce tactile defensiveness (using our sensory play area). Students also have supervised swimming lessons on particular days. 

Every activity offered at CREST has been strategically planned to enhance cognitive ability and improve self-esteem.

Our blue room is always available for any student to utilize should they feel overwhelmed or anxious, which helps instill confidence in our students (as they know that they always have a safe place to retreat to when necessary). It doubles as a sensory room, and aids in sensory integration.

CREST believes that books are essential to the development of young minds, as such, we provide a wide variety of books that students can borrow and read from. 

Our tuck-shop sells healthy snacks and meals and is available for use every Thursday.

Technology can be a valuable tool to assist children with learning disabilities. CREST uses tablets in certain areas of the learning programme. In these instances children will be asked to bring their own tablet, however, CREST does have a few tablets for those who do not have their own.

Teacher and Kids in Library

Our low student to teacher ratio allows for faster social development and easier academic breakthroughs -as there is always a teacher nearby to help correct and encourage when learning becomes difficult.

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