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Art Class


We are determined to ensure that your child reaches their full potential. As such, we  strongly encourage any potential parents to visit the school and attend a meeting with our Principal (Tracy Greeff) so that we can discuss the needs of your child and  assess how CREST can best help them succeed. Please bring any relevant documents along (Doctor's reports, school transcripts, therapy notes etc) so that we can go over them with you to establish the best possible future for your child. In addition, this meeting will allow you to tour the school grounds and gain a better understanding of our facilities and teaching methodologies.

Once we have established that CREST is suitable for your child, we recommend that your child attends a three to five day orientation at our school to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in our learning environment.

After the trial week, you will be required to fill in the necessary registration/enrollment forms to secure your child's placement at CREST.

Registration and Fees

CREST is an independant, fee-paying centre.  As such, most of our school fees go towards paying teacher's salaries due to our small class sizes. We feel that it is imperative to keep our student-teacher ratio low (at 8 students or less Per teacher), to maximize the remedial attention available for your child.

Tax rebates on school fees are available If your child is formally diagnosed (by a qualified professional) with a moderate or severe disability.

A full breakdown of our fees will be provided upon request.



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