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Children in the Garden

Extra Support Activities

In addition to the regular curriculum, we include activities that are specifically designed to improve the mental, physical, emotional and social abilities of each student. These extra support therapies are an exciting way to engage  with the students  and reduce stress, excess  energy levels (thus improving concentration in the classroom) and promote a more positive outlook on learning.

Each day begins with  a gross-motor programme that focuses on using integrated bilateral movements to enhance mental function. Bilateral movements help create new neural pathways and strengthen existing ones in both hemispheres of the brain, as well as improving conductivity through the corpus callosum-which allows for enhanced processing and understanding of stimuli/information.

Sand play assists in the improvement of classroom performance through imaginative therapeutic play. Play is a necessity for creative thinking, problem solving and for the management of complex tasks. Our playground is also designed to alleviate the discomfort experienced by Tactile Defensive Children, in order to desensitize and familiarize them with sensory stimuli that they would not normally associate with (for instance; we have a stream that they can play in to encourage them to go barefoot).

We use Callirobics (choreographed handwriting). Callirobics helps improve handwriting through speed-based repetition, improves  handwriting speed and general co-ordination. 

Students are also taught mindfulness and calming breathing techniques to teach them how to deal with their emotions in a constructive manner.

Outings and educational activities are incorporated into the learning program. Valuable outings include those related to the environment, history, science, community, industry and commercial development.



 Enrichment Syllabus:


Children prefer learning through practical experiences and enjoy the opportunity to take part in hands-on learning. They learn best when education is represented in a fun and positive way. We incorporate basic literacy, numeracy, science, life-skills and technology into themes that teach pottery, music, arts and crafts, recycling, gift making, gardening, drama, cooking and more. This allows students to learn in a fun and changing environment, stimulating new neural pathways and creating a positive outlook on learning.


Children Running

A happy child is a happy, engaged learner

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